Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pushing Buttons

Next week, I'm interviewing Karen Moss of the Orange County Museum of Art on KOCE-TV's Arts and Culture OC segment on "Real Orange." I plan to talk with her about OCMA's California Biennial Exhibition, which typically showcases a wide spectrum of work by the most cutting edge contemporary artists--"in your face" stuff that's often shocking but that I also find quite amusing (even if others don't).

So I couldn't have been more delighted than to read in today's New York Times about a new artwork commissioned by the Czech Republic to celebrate its first rotating presidency of the European Union--a scathingly satirical piece that is being called a "hoax." The fact that they hired a well-known "bad boy" to create it--yet didn't expect something so outrageous--doesn't exactly reflect very well on them. But the artist, David Cerny, took full advantage of the opportunity to make a bold statement--and to gleefully embarrass those who commissioned him.

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