Friday, February 13, 2009

Dead Last-Again

Mike Boehm is sort of the roving arts news reporter for the LA Times. Many will remember him from his heyday as its rock music critic, but the high decibel atmosphere eventually took its toll. Though there are some who have criticized him for drawing too much attention to some fact they find less than flattering about themselves or their organization, he usually makes such observations in more gentle and far less cynical ways than many of his colleagues. I have a good sense of this because he's been on my beat for a good decade now.

Today he wrote about the latest non-news about the California Arts Council, and our ranking dead last in per capita funding for the arts among the states.

One thing I will say...I have taken it on as a personal mission to ensure that Orange County gets its fair share of what little money is available.

Only 2 California Arts Council grants were awarded to OC organizations in each of the last two funding years--compared to dozens in LA, SD and SF. The Arts Council apparently noticed my criticism in a recent e-newsletter, and to their credit offered to conduct a grant application workshop here in OC next week for its Artists in Schools Program. So far, we're getting a lot of RSVPs.

If you are interested in attending, it will be held at the Bowers Museum on Tuesday, February 17 at 10 am.

I'm determined that Orange County groups will no longer leave money on the table!


Kch said...

How do the schools find out about this information? I would like to go but didn't know anything about it.

Rick Stein said...

Schools cannot apply directly to the California Arts Council--only arts organizations. However, within the next 6 to 8 weeks, Arts Orange County will post its Arts Education Resource Directory on its website. This directory will list all artists in schools programs of high quality that are available to OC schools.