Monday, May 11, 2009

Is OC too square for cutting edge theater?

I ran into Dave Barton last week, the indefatigable co-founder of the once-formidable-but-now-disbanded Rude Guerrilla Theater Company in Santa Ana. I was curious to know how plans were going for his successor organization, The Monkey Wrench Collective, and he told me they are Long Beach-bound. Essentially, he believes there is more critical mass there for the kind of audience his work attracts and much more chance for press coverage in the larger LA county media market.

I was sad to hear that assessment, as I've seen the OC grow up quite a bit since I first landed here 22 years ago. I felt certain a small cutting edge company like Dave's could make a go of it.

Oh, well. Perhaps one of the other small companies will take up the cause.

Or maybe one of our presenting organizations will "import" a Monkey Wrench production from Long Beach.

(Facebookers who want to keep tabs on its progress should visit its group page here.)

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