Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tweet Me A Play!

You can't just dismiss this by saying "everyone's gotta have a gimmick."

It's more a sign of the times, and the capacity of quickly evolving social media to become the latest vehicle for artists to express themselves.

So, unless you're a Luddite, you've got to give Hunger Artists Theatre Company in Fullerton some credit for supplementing their Beyond Convention new play festival with an invitation to "tweeps" (aka: People on Twitter) to contribute their own 140 character dialogue (or monologue, I suppose)--minus the space for the "hash-tag" you need to enter, too, in order for your submission to appear on their radar screen: #beyondconvention. Not a lot of space for profundity, but Haiku devotees should have a field day.

Hunger Artists promises to perform semi-finalists each evening during their festival.

To see what's been submitted so far, go to and in the "Search" box, enter #beyondconvention

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