Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Artistic control--from beyond the grave...

I always loved the drawing for the album cover of the original London production of My Fair Lady, which had George Bernard Shaw IN HEAVEN holding puppet strings on Henry Higgins holding puppet strings on Eliza Doolittle. (It looks like an Al Hirshfeld drawing, but I'm not sure he did it.)

Shaw apparently detested an earlier musical made out of his play Arms and the Man, and forbade any further musicalizations, so it's hard to imagine he would have contributed his efforts to My Fair Lady--he died about 10 years before that musical debuted--even from beyond the grave.

This article in Obit, an e-mag I never heard of that has a tagline of "Death is only half the story. Obit is about life..." (LOL), talks about challenges faced by artists' executors in fielding requests to interpret and re-imagine their works.

All I can say is just wait until it's Edward Albee's turn to move on!

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