Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"Arts on the Cheap"

OC Register music critic Tim Mangan touted the $30 tickets offered by the Pacific Symphony in his blog today, "Arts on the Cheap." In good times, the question of how much price is a barrier to increased attendance at arts events may be debated, but in the current economy it appears that everyone is eager to save a buck--discount retailers are running rings around their traditional counterparts this Christmas shopping season, prompting the latter to the verge of giving away merchandise.

So, who wouldn't be motivated to jump at the chance to attend these concerts at bargain rates?

When Arts Orange County studied local residents' openness to attending the arts nearly three years ago, it may have been a different economic environment, but there was (not so) surprisingly strong interest. Data showed that people felt they lacked a central source for information on what's on, ergo SparkOC.

But that wasn't all...people who engaged in art-making themselves hungered for more opportunities both to practice their passion and to experience the thrill of seeing some real masters of the craft.

As much as the amateurs loved the participatory experience, they revelled in observing the work of those who had devoted their lives and careers to perfecting the art form.

It's that symbiosis that gives great hope to those of us committed to seeing the arts flourish.

So, scoop up those cheap tickets while they last--you'll be amply rewarded.

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