Sunday, December 7, 2008


Chance plays an enormous role in our lives.

That thought came to mind when I returned from attending this evening's performance of The Giant and the Pixie at The Chance Theater in Anaheim Hills. It was my first exposure to the work of one of several important alternative theaters in Orange County--others being Rude Guerilla, Hunger Artists, Maverick and STAGES. These are not the only so-called "storefront" theater companies in our community--only the best-known.

But in considering this first post to my new blog as Executive Director of Arts Orange County, I could not help but think of the serendipity that led me to accept this position a mere four months ago.

In 1989, I was asked by Bonnie Hall--then Director of Development at South Coast Repertory--to join a committee she was forming to explore the possibility of establishing an arts council for Orange County. Bonnie pursued her vision and founded Arts Orange County in 1995.

When I learned of Bonnie Hall's decision earlier this year to move on after two decades of leading the charge on creating & directing Orange County's arts council, I hoped they'd find someone good to succeed her. I had no idea that would wind up being me! It's a real privilege to follow in Bonnie's footsteps as leader of an organization that has such a vital role to play in promoting and advocating for the arts in our community.

Arts Orange County is the glue that binds Orange County's arts community together, and I am passionate about its continuing to make a real difference in the lives of our artists, artistic institutions and audiences in the years ahead.

Chance has brought me to lead an organization that I was involved in helping to bring about nearly 20 years ago. And though I've spent most of my 30 year career as a theatre producer and director, few people know that my first job after graduate school was as Executive Director of a county-wide arts council in upstate New York. I guess you could say I've come full circle.

This blog is intended to complement the work Arts Orange County is conducting through its new website, and future posts will focus primarily on Orange County's cultural landscape. But I couldn't help but get a little personal in my first post, as I'm sure you can understand.

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