Saturday, March 7, 2009


Got to see Eric Czuleger's (pronounced: zoo-legger) play Moonburn at Cal State Fullerton's Hallberg Theatre on Thursday night. You'll remember that I interviewed Eric on KOCE-TV last week (if you didn't see it, click on the video box to your left). His play is an engaging look at a young writer with a troubled childhood who returns to confront his past by visiting his deteriorating mother, also a writer. Both have published fiction that exploits the bone of contention between them, and they debate the ethics of using their writing to exorcize their demons and to air their family's dirty laundry. I was told by Eric after the performance that the cast, director, designers and technical crew were enormously patient with his many changes right up to opening. While the piece continues to evolve, this full production demonstrates that there is an eloquent new dramatic voice at work here in Orange County who could, if he pursues his craft, emerge as a playwright of substance.

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