Friday, March 13, 2009

SparkOC's Videos Attract An Audience

800 people have viewed video clips of the weekly "Arts & Culture OC" segments from KOCE-TV's "Real Orange" so far.

My guests have included Michael Butler, director of Laguna Playhouse's "Around the World in 80 Days;" Dean Corey, President & Artistic Director of the Philharmonic Society of OC talking about what makes orchestras different; Karen Moss, Deputy Director of the OC Museum of Art on how contemporary art pushes people's buttons; Terry Dwyer, President of the OC Performing Arts Center on why art matters--especially in times like these; Dennis Power, President of the Laguna College of Art & Design illustrating the importance of illustration; singer & songwriter Kerry Getz, a true-to-life "comeback kid;" young CSUF student Eric Czuleger, a playwright who's going places; and Melanie Rios Glaser, Artistic Director of the St. Joseph Ballet who has led it into the realm of contemporary dance.

Additional segments hosted by Maria Hall-Brown interviewing John David Keller of South Coast Rep and Mindy Stearns interviewing OC High School of the Arts student Nina Herzog are also posted.

All clips are archived and you can access them here and on's KOCE page.

"Arts & Culture OC" airs on Thursdays & Mondays, 6:30 & 11 pm, and Fridays & Tuesdays, 8 am, on KOCE-TV.

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