Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New mantra for America's regional theatres?

Remember the phrase, "think globally, act locally"?

Well, it seems that at least one major American professional resident theatre company is taking it to a new level: "think & act locally," according to this article about Boston's Huntington Theatre Company in today's New York Times.

This may be an example of what I predict could become a new wave of connectivity between professional and amateur artists in communities around the nation as institutional theatres (and other arts institutions) struggle amidst rapidly diminishing audiences for their work. Studies have been citing peoples' preference for curating their own arts experiences from the enormous menu of leisure time options. In such an environment, the role of the artistic director is evolving into one that must not only be visionary but also well-versed in the local artistic community--whether professional or amateur.

The "pro-am" divide has already been the subject of research in the U.K., and it's ripe for study in the U.S. I plan to pursue this topic again in future posts here.

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