Monday, August 16, 2010

Ardor for Arden: Helena Modjeska's Return to OC

The renowned turn-of-the-century Polish actress known for chewing up the scenery in Shakespearean productions throughout Europe and the United States, Helena Modjeska, ultimately made her home in the canyon and beneath the peak that were named for her in Orange County.

She made a brief re-appearance this past weekend in three sold-out performances at the Camino Real Playhouse in San Juan Capistrano inhabited by Ewa Boryczko, a Polish-born American actress, in Modjeska! An Artist's Dream, a solo performance piece being developed by the actress/writer, director Jon Kellam and producer Kris Cieply of the Helena Modjeska Society.

This is not the first time the tale of Modjeska's life has been brought to life on stage in Orange County: South Coast Repertory premiered Richard Hellesen's full-length drama Once in Arden 20 years ago, with the late Nan Martin in the title role.

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