Sunday, August 8, 2010

e.impulse at OC Center for Contemporary Art

Three widely dissimilar styles are on exhibit in the latest show at OCCCA in the Santa Ana Artists Village, entitled "e.impulse".

Kim Ye takes us to another galaxy, it seems, with rubbery constructions that look like aliens or their body parts, all in flesh tones, some illuminated from within. There is a bit of the tongue-in-cheek about it all, with a couple of the large sculptures sporting white mannequin human feet.

Evalynn Alu's abstract paintings may not break new ground but are skillfully executed explorations of geometric shapes with vivid contrasts of color and brushstroke. Many are indeed beautiful to gaze upon, leading me to believe they would be highly suitable decorative elements in a home or office.

To me, Jeff Alu's works were the most inspired in this three-person exhibition. One series of his black and white photographs dwelt upon derelict electric poles, transformers and wires--an eerie landscape of desolation. He leaves it to the observer to determine if he's captured the stark beauty of these elements or if they are making a statement--either will suffice.

But Jeff Alu is also a filmmaker (the OCCCA back gallery has seats arranged to view one of his videos) and a tinkerer with technology (a computer screen & headphones is available for visitors to play with a soundscape that can be manipulated--listen to solo tones or a cacophony, it's your choice).

The exhibition runs through August 29th, and admission is free.

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